Fairbanks Update

Dear Fairbanks Families,

In May, we shared an update to our families of several improvements and updates in various areas across our district as we prepare for the 2022-2023 school year. Please review the items below as you prepare for the new school year over the coming weeks. 

PowerSchool Enrollment & Final Forms

This year, our district will be moving to online enrollment and student data management with PowerSchool. This will change the process for families at the start of the school year, as PowerSchool will replace Final Forms. Families will be asked to update their PowerSchool forms annually. In the initial implementation, there will be a few more forms to complete than you will have in future years. 

Current Students: Families with students currently enrolled in Fairbanks should log-in to their PowerSchool account: https://ps-frbk.metasolutions.net/public/home.html. The information to be reviewed and updated is located under “Forms” and then “Enrollment.” Complete each form, clicking “submit” to move to the next form. You will go through this process for each student in your account. Families will need to have their PowerSchool account set-up. To view a tutorial, please watch this video: Navigating PowerSchool Forms.

New Students: New families will complete their pre-registration and enrollment through PowerSchool. If you have already completed pre-registration and your enrollment forms in PowerSchool, your forms are done for this year. If you have not yet completed pre-registration and enrollment, directions are located here: https://www.fairbankspanthers.org/page/enrollment

Final Forms: Final Forms has been our system for student data management. Going forward, it will only be used for extracurricular activities in grades 7-12. If your student is participating in a school sponsored sport or other extracurricular activity, please update your Final Forms account in addition to PowerSchool.  If you are new to Fairbanks and do not have a Final Forms account, please go to this web address https://fairbanks-oh.finalforms.com/ and click the blue button to open a new account.

Why are we making this change? Aligning all student data management with PowerSchool streamlines information in two ways: families will go to one space to update their information and view student progress, and for the district, this will simplify data management for communications, as well as create efficiencies with the enrollment process. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we make this transition.

Athletic Ticketing

The Fairbanks Athletic Department is excited to announce a new partnership with HomeTown Ticketing. HomeTown is the trusted leader in digital ticketing that provides convenient digital ticketing options. The athletic department will still offer traditional cash sales at the gate, but now have the capability of offering presale tickets, online passes, and online sales. The ticketing platform can be used for performing arts, athletics, dances, and any other school-ticketed event. Hometown Ticketing is the exclusive ticket provider to the OHSAA and has collaborated with multiple schools in the OHC (Mechanicsburg, Northeastern, Triad, and West Jefferson). More information on this platform will be communicated this summer.

Food Services Changes

As we continue to take steps towards normal school operations, there will be changes to the school lunch program. The grant that has covered breakfasts and lunches for all students for the past two years will no longer be available for the 2022-2023 school year.

If your student has qualified for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program in the past, or your situation has changed and you believe you may now qualify, you are highly encouraged to complete the Free/Reduced Lunch application at the beginning of the school year and return it to the building office. The 2022-2023 application will be available in July. The Free/Reduced Lunch program provides many supportive benefits beyond free or reduced meals, including reducing school fees and assisting with college application fees. 

Meal prices have changed. The prices for breakfasts and lunches for the 2022-2023 school year are as follows:

Breakfast, all buildings $2.00

Elementary School $3.00

Middle School $3.25

High School $3.25

Milk $0.65

Additionally, we will welcome new faces in the Food Services department next school year. Please look for announcements welcoming new staff when we return to school. We will also be piloting new, kid-friendly recipes and are excited to hear what our students’ think. 

We appreciate your attention to these items heading into the school year. We will post this on our website and send additional reminders closer to the start of the school year. If you have questions, please reach out to our district or building offices. Have a great day!!

Fairbanks Local Schools