As the weather starts to turn colder, Fairbanks families should be checking for weather delays and closures. Families should insure that their contact information is up to date in Powerschool. Delays and closings are communicated through text, phone call, email and local news stations.

Deciding to delay or cancel due to weather is not an exact science. The district uses a multitude of inputs to determine a delay or closing with student safety being the most important factor. The district's goal is to communicate to families by 5:30 a.m. 

With regard to weather delays, the district will delay or close due to fog, snow, ice and temperature. The process of determining a weather delay is as follows:

  • The superintendent and transportation coordinator drive the roads within the district boundaries to determine visibility and safety. 

  • Consultation with the Union County Sheriff's Office

  • Evaluation of local weather forecasts 

  • In some cases, the district may delay to allow more time to see how the weather develops