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Union County Military Family Support Group Founded in 2003, the UCMFSG provides support to Union County (Ohio) area active duty and reservists along with veterans who have served since 9/11/2001 and their families.

Supporting Ohio's Military Families (Ohio Department of Education) A resource page which outlines ways ODE engages and supports Ohio's military families.

Helpful Links for Ohio Military Personnel and Veterans (Ohio Attorney General's Office) Links for families including but not limited to general support, financial and energy assistance, housing, education compiled by the Ohio Attorney General's Office.

Ohio Military Kids (Ohio 4H youth Development) A statewide initiative of the Ohio State Extension Office designed to support the youth of military families throughout the deployment cycle.

Ohio National Guard Family Readiness Program Support programs provided to knowledge, awareness, and networking support to service members and families.

Ohio Inter-Service Family Assistance Committee The Inter-Service Family Assistance Committee (ISFAC) is a state level committee of regional, state, and federal agencies and organizations that meet quarterly to collaborate and align resources in support of Ohio troops and military families.

Military Interstate Compact Commission The Interstate Compact addresses key educational transition issues encountered by children of military families. It is sponsored by The Council of State Governments (CSG), in cooperation with the US Department of Defense.

Military One Source Military OneSource offers a wide range of individualized consultations, coaching and counseling for many aspects of Military Life anywhere in the world at no cost.

Real Warriors Network Promotes a culture of support for psychological health by encouraging the military community to reach out for help whether coping with the daily stresses of military life, or concerns like depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder.

Cerebral Palsy Guide is proud to support our military families through education, support resources and much more. They have compiled the most in-depth resources nationwide to help guide veterans and their children to find the support they need.


A Walk in My Shoes: Military Life Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in the military? Have you ever wondered what life is like for military family members? (K State College of Education)

Unique Challenges Military Families Face Children in military families discuss their experience having a family member overseas. Marysol Castro reports. (CBS News)

Mental Health in Military Children | Children's Health Crisis | NPT Reports Military children often experience fear and stress when a parent is deployed. Now, a clinical report shows they are more at risk for depression, worry, and insomnia. (NPT Reports)


Fairbanks Local School has a long history of supporting our military Veterans and those currently serving. We recognize and appreciate their sacrifices to our country, and try often to find ways to show them our appreciation by participating and holding events and programs for them or by participating in community events that recognize veterans.

In April 2019, Fairbanks Local Schools launched a new page on its website that shows our renewed commitment to these service members and their families, including any students we might have whose parents were or are in the military. The resource links on this page are for anyone in our community who might need further support and assistance.

Our staff will be receiving information to better understand and support any military families in our district.

In addition to continuing to support events honoring Veterans, such as the annual Middle School Veterans Day breakfast and program, the Fairbanks Board of Education adopted the following resolution on April 15, 2019.

Fairbanks Local School Resolution of Support for Our Military

Whereas the Fairbanks Local School District has a long history of supporting our military veterans and those currently serving, and,

Whereas the Fairbanks Board of Education, Fairbanks staff and our students wholeheartedly recognize and appreciate the sacrifices of all those who have served our country and those currently serving, and,

Whereas the Fairbanks Board of Education and Fairbanks staff show our support in many ways including Veterans Day Programs, inviting Veterans into our classes to speak, supporting Honor Flight Columbus, and honoring Fairbanks graduates who were Killed in Action, and,

Whereas the Board of Education recognizes we have students whose parents and staff who have served in the military or are currently serving, and that these families and staff may need additional and unique support, and,

Whereas the Board of Education wishes to further its recognition, support, and outreach for the military families attending our school, and,

NOW IT BE RESOLVED that the Board of Education of Fairbanks Local Schools affirms a commitment to continue to support our Veterans, those currently serving, and their families by providing extended resources and support, and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Fairbanks Local School District will continue to look for ways to support, connect with, and educate our staff and students about our Veterans, those currently serving, and their families.