Dear Fairbanks Community,

First and foremost, thank you. 

On behalf of the Fairbanks Local School District Board of Education,  thank you for supporting our students, our district and our community. The renewal of our Permanent Improvement Levy will allow us to continue to maintain the facilities that have been entrusted to us. More importantly, it’s passage shows the commitment of our community to our schools. Our responsibility is to be good stewards of these resources. Fairbanks Local Schools will continue to work to earn this commitment from our district residents. 

Strong school systems are a reflection of strong communities. Fairbanks is a strong school system in a strong community. We have a deep history of caring for and supporting each other. The passage of a levy is a reflection of that care, support and commitment. 

Once again, we thank you for your support and trust. 


Adham Schirg

Fairbanks Local Schools