Dear Fairbanks School Community,

We have returned to school athletics under some very unusual circumstances.  Our ability to return to sports has been a partnership with our students, families, and community. We are fortunate to have a caring community to help us through these difficult times. All of us want to provide the safest and healthiest playing environment for our student-athletes.  

Over the past few months, we have been given guidelines for practices, games, band and spectator attendance.  On August 19, the Ohio Department of Health issued a health order with very specific requirements for athletic events, in particular spectators. For example, the order has a 15% capacity limit for fixed seating. Standing room is factored into the 15% capacity.  Our home stadium seats 810. At 15% capacity this is 121.5 spectators. For all sports, our district recognized this will not accommodate all of our participants or coaches’ needs throughout the season.  

The health order permits schools to apply for variances to allow more seating. Fairbanks applied for a variance to increase our seating percentage from the recommended 15% capacity. Approval of the variance would allow us to meet the full intent of the order, which is permitting two parents or loved ones per participant to attend events. We were notified last night that the variances have been approved by our local Health Department and the Ohio Department of Health. This variance will allow us to meet the intent of the order allowing families to see their students perform or compete. 

Moving forward each participant would receive 2 tickets. Participants would also be permitted to request up to 2 additional tickets for familial circumstances. Our athletic department will communicate this process to teams and families over the next several days. 

Community passes for senior citizens, retirees and employees will not be honored at this time unless these individuals are attending as parents or as guests. For example, with one of the tickets allotted to a participant, a grandparent with a senior citizen pass attends, and then the pass would be honored. This year, walks-up without pre-arranged tickets will not be permitted entry due to the capacity restraints. Non-parent employee passes will not be honored this year. We apologize for these changes and look forward to welcoming everyone back in the near future. 

Our district is planning to live stream athletic events. Please look for links on our website over the coming weeks. 

Please help us do our best to keep our students on the fields and courts this year. The health order presents particular challenges, but if followed our young people will be able to continue to compete or perform throughout the season. We are asking for your continued support and cooperation during these times.  Thank you for all you do for Fairbanks!

Adham Schirg, Superintendent
Tom Montgomery, High School Principal
Larry Morris, High School Athletic Director/Dean of Students