Dear Fairbanks Families & Staff,

The health of our students, families, and staff is of utmost concern. Today, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced schools will be closed for three weeks beginning Monday, March 16th.  Tomorrow, March 13th will be our last regular school day. We will cease all student activities at the conclusion of the Friday, March 13th school day. 

We will continue to follow the recommendations and orders from the Governor of the State of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Education, and our partner Health Departments.  Please continue to reference the resources here: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Union County Health Department, and the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). 

This global health event impacts us all. It requires us to take careful precautions and to follow advice provided by public health experts. 

For all information related to COVID-19 and Fairbanks Local Schools please reference our district website at

Are all district/school events cancelled at this time?

The Governor’s Office has closed all school activities across the State of Ohio. We will cease all student activities at the conclusion of the Friday, March 13th school day. 

Effective Friday, March 13, all after school events are canceled in our district until further notice.  Our Panther PAWS program will remain open tomorrow, March 13th, but then will be closed for the duration of the three week cancellation. 

Now that schools are closed, what is our remote education plan?

We have plans in place for remote learning. However, we are working to clarify the Governor’s order from today. Please continue to monitor our district website and communications. 

School Sponsored Trips following the three week closure

We are working directly with groups to evaluate each trip individually. Each trip poses different risk potential. We are currently evaluating all trips and will be issuing guidance soon. We will consult and seek guidance from our partner health departments, travel companies, and schools. 

Are there considerations my family should be taking regarding spring break travel?

As we head toward spring break, we know travel may be planned.  There is now community spread of COVID-19 in Ohio, other areas of the United States, and in other countries. We encourage you to check the CDC Travel Advisory page prior to your travels.  

Where can the community find school district information regarding COVID-19? 

We are frequently updating our web page Fairbanks Local Schools with updates from our advising health agencies CDCOhio Department of Health and Union County Health Department.  

Visitors and Volunteers

Out of an abundance of caution, visitors and volunteers in the classrooms during school hours will not be permitted from March 13th until further notice.  Though we appreciate parent and community involvement, the safety and wellness of all members of our community is paramount. This will not limit your access to sign your students in or out of school.  

Higher Education

Governor DeWine has asked all universities and colleges in Ohio to screen students returning to school from international travel or cruises, including, but not limited to, students returning from spring break travel.  This impacts our students that are currently taking CCP courses at various campuses. CCP students are expected to follow the guidelines sent by their higher ed institution.  

Food Services

We are developing a plan to feed students.  We will update our website with this information. 

We recognize and understand the impact these decisions have upon our students, staff, families, and communities.  These decisions are not made lightly. If you have questions, please email me or call my office. I’m happy to share our planning and thinking as we approach this challenge together.  

For Fairbanks, 

Adham Schirg

Fairbanks Local Schools