Fairbanks Facilities Planning

Master Facilities Process

In Fairbanks, our schools are a great source of pride in the community and we are grateful for the support our residents provide year after year.  In order to protect our residents’ investment in our schools, we constantly analyze the way we do business to ensure we deliver on the quality and efficiency our community expects, including our school buildings.

The district engaged with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission for a facility audit and enrollment study in 2017. The existing three school buildings in Fairbanks were built in 1961, 1978, and 2007. Each one has specific needs that have to be addressed in the coming years. Our enrollment continues to meet the 2017 projections, with an average growth of 1.38% per year. This means student enrollment is growing. Families are choosing to move to Fairbanks because of our great community and excellent schools! Managing this increased enrollment has impacted our school buildings in different ways. Our school facilities conversation will focus on the 3 C’s: Capital Improvements, Capacity, and Curriculum.

We are working with the community and our educational leaders to come up with a long-term plan so that our schools can continue to offer vital programming and the variety of opportunities for students that our community expects and values.  We are also committed to delivery of an excellent education in the most financially efficient manner possible.  Our community engaged in a 12-month master facilities planning process from December 2021 through December 2022. The Board of Education voted on a Master Facility Plan in December of 2022.

We are currently working on Phase I of the Master Facility Plan. Please look for information about Phase I in our updates as well planning for Phase II. Please read our Executive Summary and February 2023 Update for more detailed information.