Fairbanks High School Fall Homecoming Court Congratulations to students selected for homecoming court! Freshmen - Sidney Williams and Jacob Newberry Sophomores - Tara Rice and AJ Landon Juniors - Addie Thrush and Nathan Parks Senior Queen Candidates: Kayleigh Arnold, Lilli Doll, Caroline Eickhoff, Anna Poling Senior King Candidates: Kaleb Bosworth, Andy Higinbotham, Cole Skedell, Dylan Tobe
5 days ago, Janel Chapman, Principal Fairbanks HS
Fairbanks HS Fall Homecoming Court
Fairbanks Homecoming Week is September 20th - September 25th. Click on the link for details. Go Panthers! https://docs.google.com/document/d/13qeUioz0Qb9pUjW0gBD-xQEM2XhAwEzEO1fLTsG-Ojk/edit?usp=sharing
12 days ago, Janel Chapman, Principal Fairbanks HS
Good morning! Fairbanks Local Schools will be an on-time start for Thursday, September 16. There are places in the district, primarily to the north and east, where there is thick fog. Please give yourself extra time getting to school this morning. Have a great day Panthers!!
12 days ago, Adham Schirg
Good morning! Please check out our newest blog "3 Points of Focus". Looking forward to sharing this work with our community throughout the year. https://forfairbanks.wordpress.com/2021/09/01/3-points-of-focus/ #ForFairbanks
27 days ago, Adham Schirg