In development of the COVID-19 Guidebook, the goal was a comprehensive document that would be easy to navigate and provide families a starting place for expectations, routines and practices for this year. This document was developed through a collaborative effort of administrators, staff members, parents, and community members. Similar to other guidance, this will be updated regularly. Please review it with heightened emphasis on guiding principles, symptom assessment, and health and safety protocols.

All students, whether in our virtual academy or working remotely from home are subject to the policies, administrative guidelines and student handbooks for Fairbanks Local Schools. This includes policies on bullying, anti-harassment and acceptable technology use.

Extended Learning Plan 2020-2021 Learning Levels 2020-2021 Masking Plan Teaching and Learning Expectations
Quarantine Guidelines

Last Updated 3-29-2021

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Guiding Principles
  • National, state, and local health officials and leaders make health decisions
    • Alignment with ODH Risk Levels & UCHD Guidance
  • COVID-19 safety concerns take priority over educational issues
    • Can’t eliminate risk, only mitigate it
    • Mitigating risk will keep us in school more to maximize learning
  • Equity and Access for all students
    • Teacher directed learning for all hybrid/online options
    • Internet connectivity for 100% of Fairbanks Local School District Students
    • Social Emotional Balance & Care
  • Mindful of finances and resources
    • Budget a consideration in planning
    • Partnership with teachers & staff
Ohio K-12 Guidelines
  • Will staff have to have their temperature and complete symptom assessment before work?
    • Learning Level 1 - 3: Self assess before work, report to supervisor. Complete a checklist upon arrival.
    • Learning Level 4: Only if entering the buildings.
  • Will staff have to practice social distancing in the workplace as work duties permit?
    • Learning Levels 1 - 3: Follow processes put into place for social distancing, as work duties permit.
    • Learning Level 4: Only if entering the buildings.
  • Will staff be required to wear a face mask at all times when social distancing is not possible?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: All staff will be required to wear a mask per mandate from Responsible Restart Ohio. Exceptions are detailed in the issued document.
    • Learning Level 4: Only if entering the buildings.
  • Will the district require an employee to have a physician assess their symptoms before the employee returns to work if the employee has a temperature or symptoms?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: If employees are exhibiting symptoms, they should be under the care of a physician. Union County has several testing sites that individuals can access. Provide information for testing sites. Physician release will be needed for return to work.
  • Will the district send employees home immediately if they become sick during the day?
    • Learning Levels 1 - 3: Yes, employees would be sent home or family members would be contacted if necessary.
      • Would need coverage so that they could leave immediately.
      • Coverage must be flexible - administrators, qualified classified staff, etc.
      • Bus routes may be delayed until a driver is available.
Before School Symptom Assessment
  • How will symptom assessment be completed for students?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Parents and caregivers are active partners in helping students and our schools stay safe. Parents or caregivers should assess symptoms daily. Here is a link to symptoms from ODH: COVID-19 Symptoms
  • When should my student student stay home?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Students with temperatures of 100°F or higher should stay home until fever free for 24 hours (without use of any medication to control fever). Students with symptoms associated with COVID-19 but not otherwise explained should contact their health care provider or keep the child at home as applicable.
Covid Case and Quarantine Reporting
  • Should a student test positive for COVID-19 or be quarantined due to COVID-19, the student's parent/guardian must contact the school attendance line or school nurse with in 24 hours. Phone numbers are listed below.
    • Elementary School Attendance: 937-349-9000
    • Middle School Attendance: 937-349-6841
    • High School Attendance: 937-349-3721
    • School Nurse: 937-349-9000 ext. 2109
Signs of Illness, Nurse's Office, Wellness Activities
  • When should staff come to school or stay home based on symptoms?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Staff showing any symptoms or actively ill should not report to work. Follow guidance from ODH. Return to work per guidance of a physician, with documentation encouraged.
  • When should students come to school or stay home based on symptoms?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Students showing any symptoms or actively ill should not report to school. Follow guidance from ODH. Return to school per guidance of a physician, with documentation encouraged.
  • What should staff and students do if they are sick?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: If sick, any person MUST stay home. Follow guidance from ODH, contact physician, and get a COVID-19 test if recommended. There are free tests available in Union County. Return to school or work per guidance of a physician, with documentation encouraged.
  • What if a student or staff member becomes ill while at school?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Teacher will call office/nursing staff. Students will move through halls with a mask to get to the clinic (keep extra masks in each classroom). Students will report to quarantine space in the clinic until they can be dismissed. Nurse will assess wearing appropriate PPE and make determination on next steps.
  • How will students who are not sick but need medical attention in another way be treated? (e.g. medicine distribution, injury, cut, etc.)
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Students will report to the clinic as normal and work with office staff to determine immediate steps.
  • Will medication administration happen in a site other than the clinic?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Yes - MS & HS in their respective office; ES will be administered in the clinic.
  • Will the nurse/aide go to students instead of the students coming to the office?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: No, unless impossible. Follow existing guidelines.
  • How will immunization requirements be enforced if doctor’s offices are not administering them?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Legislative requirement. Doctor offices are offering them right now.
  • How will chronic health information be shared with the new staff and substitute staff that will be present next fall in buildings?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: No change to current practices.
  • How will busing be adjusted for less ridership and social distancing?
    • Learning Level 1: This will be the highest level of occupancy. Students will be assigned seats. Family members will be assigned to sit together. Students on the bus first will go to the back of the bus. Windows will be required to be down, weather permitting, to increase air circulation.
    • Learning Level 2-3: These will be reduced occupancy based on scheduled reporting days. We will operate all regular routes in these scenarios with all same requirements listed above.
  • Do drivers have access to masks, gloves, and sanitizer?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: These supplies will be made available for buses.
  • Do students have access to masks and sanitizer upon entry?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Masks will be mandatory for bus riders due to the duration on the bus and space restrictions. Sanitizer will be provided when students get on the bus.
  • Will high school students be allowed to drive to school?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Drivers will be permitted. Must follow self assessment at home and apply hygiene practices once students arrive.
  • Will carpooling be permitted?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Would encourage households to stay together, but cannot enforce this practice.
  • Are you planning time for buses to be cleaned and sanitized each day?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Bus drivers will be trained on sanitizing at the start of the year.
  • Will students be able to get on or off at different stops?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: No, this is not a practice we currently permit. 
Arrival and Dismissal
  • Will you need to use cafeteria and auditorium seating to safely space students while waiting for classes to begin or will they be able to report directly to the classroom?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Directly to classrooms after going to lockers. Try to ensure no congregation. Parents cannot drop off students until 7:50 am.
  • Which entries will be used?
    • Learning Levels 1-3:
      • Buses will park and dismiss individually to avoid congregate settings at entries.
      • Doors will be propped open to avoid touching door handles.
      • ES students will enter the main entrance with assistance from ES staff.
      • MS/HS bused students will enter through one door.
      • MS drop-offs will enter the middle school entrance.
      • HS drop-offs and drivers will use the student parking lot entrance.
      • Drop-offs will start at 7:50 am to help prevent congregation before school begins.
    • Learning Level 4: Staff entering the building should use the Spring 2020 access plan.
  • Will there be crossing guards, security, and other staff, who have traditionally been available to assist with arrival and dismissal?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Buildings will assign bus duty to staff members. Principals will ensure staff are fulfilling their assignment.
  • How will attendance be taken?
    • Learning Level 1: Regular procedure.
    • Learning Level 2-3: Modified procedures for reduced number and online login requirements.
    • Learning Level 4: Online login requirements.
Teaching, Learning and Classroom Environments
  • What will class sizes be?
    • Learning Level 1: Normal with social distancing pieces in place (ie. desk configuration, maximize space)
    • Learning Level 2: Reduced by 50%
    • Learning Level 3: Reduced by 25%
  • How will classrooms be adjusted to accommodate health and safety protocols?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Adding sanitizer and wipe stations in each classroom. Increase signage. Designated entrance and exits in specific space like gymnasiums. Increase sanitizing of shared materials. Reduce furniture to increase spacing. Plexiglass partitions in specific spaces. Use of layered mitigation such as masks and face shields to help when spacing is less available.
  • Will you rotate staff and have students stay in a single room?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: ES - We will cohort students as much as possible and rotate staff; MS/HS - Normal operations with health protocols for the hallways
  • Will progress report revisions be made based on the new assessment practices brought on by the pandemic?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Using normal grading scale and teacher, administration discretion for extenuating circumstances
  • Will there be more instruction occurring outside of the school building, especially during the warmer months?
    • Yes, teachers will be encouraged to use outdoor spaces.
  • Will you have recess, and if you do, what restrictions will be in place?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Yes. Increase sanitation practices and reduce congregation. Attempt cohorting of groups at ES.
  • Will students be allowed to bring their own devices to school?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Yes. As a parent in our work group stated “They bring their noses with them:-)”
  • Will educational option policies need revision?
    • Learning Levels 1-4:Policies continue to be adapted to meet the needs of the changing environment. This includes blended and remote learning, attendance, and eligibility for athletics.
  • Do your student advancement policies need to be revised?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Eligibility for fall quarter will be addressed. All others will be used at discretion of the building administrator.
  • How will College Credit Plus students be impacted by schedule changes, especially for those students going back and forth between the colleges/universities and high school?
    • Learning Level 1: No changes from high school. Adjustments for blended or online college format.
    • Learning Levels 2 and 3: Coordinate hand scheduling of students for high school classes.
    • Learning Level 4: Adjust based on guidelines
  • How will you schedule lab classes?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Schedule as normal with updated safety protocols
  • How will you structure school-to-work programs?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: This will be coordinated with our classroom teacher and internship coordinator. All protocols would need to be followed for both school and work
  • Teaching and Learning Expectations
Food Service
  • How many tables and seats in the cafeteria and/or other locations will be needed to meet social distancing restrictions?
    • Learning Levels 1-2: Breakfast is not a concern. For lunches, intend on using gym spaces , eating in classrooms, media centers, eating outside, and eating in bleachers. Cleaning in between lunch times. Setting up and tearing down the gym daily.
    • How will breakfast, lunch and snacks be served?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: No self serve in line. Individual Condiments. Social distancing requirements, partitions, and sanitizers will all be used.
  • Who will supervise?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Assigned staff members including teachers, aides, principals, custodians, and food service team.
  • Can the school schedule be changed so students can leave campus for lunch?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: We are considering an open lunch policy for specific high school students.
  • Will lunches be provided if there is a full school closure?
    • Learning Level 4: Yes, school meals will continue to be provided. Similar to the practices from 2019-2020 school year.
Administration Office Visitor Procedures
  • Will parents have access to the main office?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Emergency situations only. Parents must complete a symptom check, wear a mask, and adhere to social distancing protocols.
  • Where will meetings and family conferences be held and how?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: For the time being, these meetings will be held virtually.
  • Will new students follow your current new student enrollment policies?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Yes. Scheduling individual meetings for 90 minutes one day a week. Allows for sanitizing and social distancing.
  • How will you collect required paperwork needed to begin the school year?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Electronic as much as possible. Other paperwork will be brought to the meeting.
Restroom Procedures
  • How will restrooms be cared for throughout the school day?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Social distancing protocols and labels will be used. No congregation. Procedures discussed and posted in all restrooms. Continue use of single restrooms in ES. Enhanced cleaning throughout the school day.
  • Will water fountain use be permitted?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Only filling of bottles.
School Visitor Procedures
  • How will schedule pick up and student orientations occur in August 2020?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Either all electronic or Sign-Up Genius to monitor and plan for individuals coming into the building. Look for building communications as these dates approach.
  • Who will screen students, parents, and staff who attempt to enter the building?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Staff will self-assess prior to reporting to work; Students and families will assess symptoms prior to school day; Approved visitors will take temperatures at point of entry; Any person returning from illness, fever, or COVID-19 will meet additional protocols.
  • Will non-traditional entry points be explained to parents?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Yes, entry and arrival plans will be communicated to staff, students, and families.
  • What are the methods by which students will arrive at school?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Bus or personal vehicle.
  • Will visitors be screened prior to entry?
    • If seen with visible symptoms, individuals will be asked to leave and reschedule a meeting. Signage and prior conversation will indicate symptom assessment for people visiting our buildings.
  • Will volunteers be permitted in the building?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: No, we will not have volunteers in the building until further notice.
  • What issues need to be addressed for the organizations, parent groups, and other visitors coming to schools to support students and advanced learning?
    • We will continue to have virtual meetings for the time being. We will revisit these guidelines as we approach the school year and begin re-acclimating students, staff, and families to our schools.
Facility Preparations
  • Are there cleaning protocols in place for the general building and grounds, classrooms/offices/large gathering spaces, materials, etc.?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Review all cleaning protocols for custodian staff and cleaning supplies including classrooms, high traffic areas, restrooms, and shared common spaces. Follow protocols for flu season cleaning. Director of Maintenance and Head Custodian will monitor and adjust.
  • Are there visual directions posted in common areas for transitions or will there be transitions between classrooms and other locations?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Attempt two lanes of traffic in hallways with visual dividers. Keep students moving and not congregating. Staff will have to help this process Elementary school will cohort students as much as possible.
  • How will classrooms be arranged and will there be visual directions?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: There will be visual signage for cleaning personal spaces, sanitizing, and other reminders. Teachers are being encouraged to arrange spaces with as much distancing as possible. Considerations of group, common spaces, and other shared spaces are being made. Balancing spacing with academic, social, and emotional developmental needs is critical.
  • Does the school building have the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE)?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Plexiglass partitions, hand sanitizer, gloves, disposable masks, face shields, school signage, and hallway decals have been ordered. Other specific items will be gathered as needs arise.
  • What will the media centers be used for?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Schedule use by appointment with strict cleaning protocols in between uses. Common student printers will be relocated. Rope off office spaces and doors, students to use main doors in MS hallway.
  • Have you reviewed all spaces, current usage, and the potential need caused by social distancing, specific student needs, and new medical needs?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Yes, there are still questions around IS classrooms and student supports in those spaces. Cafeteria spaces are still in question. ODE to provide guidance on best practices for cafeteria use.
  • Do additional hand washing or hand sanitizing stations need to be installed in the building?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Install stations throughout all buildings. Build hygiene practices with staff for students throughout the course of the day. Install dispensers in classroom based sinks.
  • Does additional protocol need to be explicitly part of orientation and practiced and modeled for all students?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: We need to provide age-appropriate models/training for students and staff. Public School Works will be completed. It will need to be completed before school starts.
  • How do you balance security with the expanded need for many entry points and staff to supervise these while processing entry of students, parents, contractors, and staff?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Staff will report to duties as assigned. Office protocols will be published for all potential visitors. 
  • Has a district or school hotline been established?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: COVID-19 and reopening questions should be directed to 937-349-3731 ext. 1200.
  • Does the district website have a web page to provide information related to these changes?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: COVID-19/ Safe Start page is a point place for all COVID related materials.
  • How will policy changes be shared?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Updated in board minutes and guidebook as appropriate.
  • How will students be supported with the new procedures, processes, and ways of doing school?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Our district will produce a variety of materials including a quick start guide, a COVID - 19 handbook, training videos, and electronic resources.
  • What parent education programs need to be developed to support parents?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Return to school protocols, electronic learning resources, and overall safety protocols.
  • Have you prepared and communicated to staff and students the plans for fire, tornado, and lock-down drills?
    • Learning Levels 1-3: Our district will work with local EMA to potentially adjust items, but we do not plan to adjust our safety plans at this point. Advocate for legislative relief from some of these requirements (ie. ten fire drills a year).
  • Does your current photo usage release cover the new reality?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Policy and student handbook currently cover usage.
  • Are you sharing new schedules and transportation plans with other organizations such as charter schools, career centers, etc.?
    • Learning Levels 1-4: Yes, share with all local partners.