Welcome to the Fairbanks Local School District Treasurer's Page
Welcome to the Fairbanks Local School District Treasurer's Page The Fairbanks Local School District is committed to providing an excellent educational opportunity for its students while being as efficient and responsible to the community it serves.

Aaron Johnson, District Treasurer

Functions of the Treasurer’s office:

Financial Reporting
Business Management
Contract Management
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Benefit Administration
Student Activities
Grants Management
Records Management

Fairbanks Local School District received the Auditor State award for 2016.  
Auditor of State awards are given to districts for accurate and timely financial reporting,
as well as having no material issues in their audit.  
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How are schools funded?

School funding starts with the State’s premise that funding is a shared responsibility between them and the local community. The State provides some basic aid funding, but then relies on local communities to provide the remaining necessary funds. How much State aid we receive typically is a function of the number of students and property wealth per the number of students in the district.

As you can tell, schools would not be able to provide the services and programs without local support.

Below is a current breakdown of Fairbanks district revenues. Property tax allocation would be considered State Assistance.

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General Property Tax includes Residential, Agricultural, and Commercial property located in the district. General Property Tax for operations is levied at approximately 26.6 mills, with 20 mills being unvoted minimum collected by law, and voted emergency operating levy of 6.6 mills.  Emergency levy brings in $1,679,000 per year for operations.  This is a five-year levy that expires in 2019.  There is also debt millage for the elementary outside of operations at appox. 3 mills. 

Income tax is ¾% for operations. There is also a separate ¼% income tax for permanent improvements only. Permanent Improvement levy is for 5 years with a current expiration in 2021.   Permanent Improvements are tangible assets or improvements to facilities/buildings. 

Property Tax allocation includes a 12.5% Homestead/Rollback the state pays on behalf of home owners.
no alternative text given Staffing

Since schools are service organizations, approximately 75-80% of the budget goes to personnel staffing (Salaries, Wages, Benefits). We have 118 full and part-time staff members made up of Teachers, Bus drivers, Maintenance and Custodial, Support staff, and Administration.


Utilities, Heat (Natural Gas), Electric, Phone
Internet and Technology Services
Instructional Support Services 
Maintenance Repairs and Contract Services
Bus repair services  
Tuition to other schools for Special Education, Community, and Charter Schools.
Copier Leases
Professional Development


Textbooks and Instructional Materials
Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies.
Diesel fuel for bus transportation
Bus parts and supplies
Technology Supplies 

Capital Outlay

Technology Equipment
Classroom Furniture
Major Building Improvements/Upgrades
Maintenance Equipment  


County Auditor/Treasurer Fees
Special Education Services (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychologist)
Please find available to you on this web page a schedule of revenues, expenditures, and changes in fund balances for the past three years (actual) and five-years' projected for the Fairbanks Local School District. 
Aaron Johnson: Treasurer/CFO

Carol Stillings: Payroll / Benefits

Chris Logan: Accounts Payable / EMIS
Updates for 2017:
  1. Biennual State Budget in process.  
  2. Entering second half of our 5-Year emergency levy, planned for renewal in November 2018.  This levy brings in $1,679,000 in operating revenues for the district (approximately 7 Mills).  This levy is important to the operations and financial stability of the district.